Aadi Perukku

Aadiperukku, otherwise called Padinettam Perukku – is peculiar to the Cauvery delta and is intended to celebrate the rising of the river, which is expected to occur invariably on the 18th day of the solar month, Aadi corresponding to the 2nd or 3rd of August every year.

"Padinettam perukku" - Padinettu signifies eighteen, and Perukku denotes rising. This festival is observed predominately by women in Tamil Nadu. The Aadiperukku, as a water-ritual, celebrated by women is said to honour Nature.
People began to worship water in the form of wells, tanks and rivers. It is common among Hindus in India to throw fruits, saffron cloths, etc., when the rivers are in spate purely based on the belief that these rivers are the species of female deities. Similarly every temple has sacred wells and tanks, and water in these resources are considered pure. There are Hindu mythologies that highlight many variations on the theme of primeval water which shows that water culture and civilization represent human interest with sacredness.

This festival is celebrated with great gusto in Tamil Nadu. Mango leaves adorn the door frames and the entrance is decorated with kolams. Women change their yellow thread in their "thali" (Mangalsutra) on this auspicious day. Women of some significant communities in Tamil Nadu carry the custom of adding gold coin(s) to their thali. Some women buy golden ornaments on that day. Cauvery River The festival is more significant in a household where the daughter is newly married.

During the pooja the noanbu charadu (string) applied with turmeric paste should be tied in the hand

Cauvery River

In Tamil Nadu the newly married daughter is brought to the parent's home by July 15th. It is considered inauspicious for a Tamil family to have the first child (especially if it is to be a boy) born in the month of Chithirai. So the new bride stays in her mother's house for the entire month of Aadi. On Aadi Padhinettu, the son-in-law is invited and given gifts in the form of new clothes, ornaments and sweets. Gold coins will be added to the bride's thali. This custom is strictly observed in most districts of South Tamilnadu

Iyyarapar Temple

Aadi Rice Preparation:

1.Soak 1 cup raw rice in water for 4hrs,then wash & add jaggery powdered as per taste.

2.Then add chopped coconut pieces,a spoon of sesamum seeds,elachi powder.

3.Let it to soak again for 1hr, then use for pooja. During the pooja the noanbu charadu (string) applied with turmeric paste should be tied in the hand or

Rava Ladoo

Vada Mor Kuzhambhu

Keerai Poriyal

Cauliflower Fry

Ulundhu Vadai

Ghee Paruppu

Drumstick Sambar

Garlic Rasam

Aadi Feast


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